Partnerships for Success

2nd Street would not exist without the involvement of the following organizations who joined together to imagine the concept of 2nd Street and continue to guide its evolution. 

2nd Street is deeply appreciative of its unique relationship with the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office which provides the following essential in-kind contributions at no cost to the project: occupancy (rent, utilities, maintenance, security), transportation for clients and staff, program support, telephone, wi-fi, etc., and staff training. The Sheriff’s Office is the employer of the program’s staff, the cost of which will be reimbursed by 2nd Street, saving 2nd Street the distraction and expense of having its own human resource function and allowing it to focus its resources on its mission.

2nd Street stands shoulder to shoulder with the Sheriff’s Office in the shared desire and coordinated efforts to do everything possible for the formerly incarcerated to make a successful transition back into the community and avoid reincarceration.

2nd Street is partnering with other community providers on an ongoing basis to enhance the services provided to its clients.