Insight Out

Insight Out is a partnership between Second Street Second Chances, Inc. (2nd Street) and Berkshire Museum that resulted in an exhibition at the museum of visual art created by presently or formerly incarcerated individuals in Berkshire County, Massachusetts.  The exhibition was opened to the public on September 2, 2023, and closed on October 1, 2023.

This exhibition was aligned with the Vision of 2nd Street:  With a shared sense of hope, the communities of Berkshire County embrace, support, and empower formerly incarcerated individuals as they strive to achieve their unique potential for greatness.

Artistic expression can be a powerful outlet for processing the hardship of incarceration.  Interest in art created by those who have experienced the prison system or are currently in prison has been increasing.  Institutions including the Museum of Modern Art, NYC, and the Ford Foundation Gallery, have held exhibitions of art by incarcerated individuals in recent years, bringing more attention and support to these artists and to the movement that champions artmaking as an avenue of healing.  2nd Street and Berkshire Museum are proud to be part of that movement. 

The artists received an award of $200 for each work included in the exhibition.  2nd Street purchased all of the works from the artists and will be installing the exhibition in its office at 264 Second Street.

    “I loved the art and the poem.  Everyone deserves a second chance.”

    “Every piece was beautiful and touched my heart.  Never stop making art.  You are amazing.”

    “Wonderful.  We need more spaces where these voices and visions can be seen and heard.  Thank you.”

    “What ingenuity!  Awesome!  And yes, taking your pain out into art, well, I hope/pray it’s healing.  Your ‘voices’ moved me.  Thank you.”

    “Such talent!!  And Beauty that otherwise would be hidden and discounted.  Thank you for bringing it out into light and the open.”

    With Gratitude

    2nd Street acknowledges with gratitude the financial and in-kind support of this project provided by:

    • Berkshire Museum
    • Becky and Doug Crane
    • Josie Greene and Glenn Asch
    • David Crane and Ruth Blodgett
    • Pittsfield Cultural Council (a local agency supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency)




    Ballpoint pen on paper

    Irish Joy

    Timpthy Tatro
    Colored caryons on mat board

    block & bluedle

    Sky Siok
    Ballpoint pen on paper

    Happy Place

    Sky Siok
    Newspaper ink pulled out with bacitracin onto a sock and transferred to mat board

    Front Porch Looking In

    Timothy Tatro
    Pencil on paper


    Daniel Lowenstein
    Gel ink and correction fluid on mat board

    Homo Erectus

    Oil pastel on paper

    Isle of Skye

    Sky Siok
    Ballpoint pen, jail pen, newspaper ink pulled out with bacitracin


    Ink and colored pencil on paper

    Japanese Ritual

    Timpthy Tatro
    Colored caryons on mat board

    Yellow Dreams

    Sky Siok
    Ballpoint pen on paper

    Does My Voice Matter

    Adam Boisvert