For Immediate Release 

January 8, 2024


Amanda Powers 
2nd Street 
(518) 928-9888 
[email protected] 

PITTSFIELD, MA — 2nd Street, together with the Berkshire County Regional Housing Authority’s Dispute Resolution Center, will hold an Active Listening Workshop on Wednesday, January 10 from 12-1 pm. The workshop will be held at 2nd Street, located at 264 Second Street, Pittsfield. Light refreshments will be served. Registration is not required; walk-ins are welcome.

Active listening is a valuable skill that enhances one’s ability to listen effectively in personal and professional situations. It involves not only hearing words, but also understanding their meaning, empathizing with the speaker and giving feedback for confirmation.

The workshop will explore techniques for successful communication. Specifically, facilitators will cover the basic steps of asking questions, seeking clarification, driving for specificity and demonstrating a grasp of what the other party has said. In this way, both parties in the communication will learn from each other and project empathy.

About 2nd Street

Second Street Second Chances, Inc., better known as 2nd Street, supports formerly incarcerated persons in Berkshire County and connects them with the tools, programs and support they need to successfully reenter their community. 2nd Street is committed to treating formerly incarcerated individuals with respect and encouragement; providing them with job readiness skills and access to employment opportunities; preparing them to become productive and contributing citizens; and educating and advocating for communities to embrace them as such. Services and referrals include medical and mental health resources, substance use disorder services, financial resources and literacy, transportation, family reunification, housing, job training and employment, and legal services. Visit 2nd Street at