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March 23, 2023 


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PITTSFIELD, MA — 2nd Street welcomes licensed social worker Pamela Coley-McCann to lead a series of free weekly workshops for formerly incarcerated men in Berkshire County, beginning Wednesday, March 29 from 11 am-12 pm with “The Problem with Spare Time, The Possibility with Spare Time.” No registration is required.

As Coley-McCann explains, spare time can be a “terrific thing, unless we have experience making that time work for us in a positive, comfortable way.” The workshop invites formerly incarcerated men to exchange ideas about challenges related to having spare time, as well as brainstorming strategies for trying out new things.

Objectives include:

  • Learning why free time matters
  • Identifying common challenges with free time and strategies for overcoming these challenges
  • Learning how to step outside one’s comfort zone in a safe way

“The focus of the workshop series is to help individuals develop the skills needed for fuller lives that extend past securing housing, food and work,” Coley-McCann said. “When our most basic needs are met, we are better equipped to learn, grow and pursue other aspects of who we are.”

Upcoming workshops will focus on a common thread of understanding emotions and recognizing vulnerability as a component of being brave, Coley-McCann explained. Topics will include being a parent, leading a value-driven life, being brave and vulnerable, and self-examination without judgment.

Coley-McCann has more than 30 years of experience, specializing in trauma, anger management, addiction, relationship issues, anxiety and depression.

 About 2nd Street

Second Street Second Chances, Inc., better known as 2nd Street, supports formerly incarcerated persons in Berkshire County and connects them with the tools, programs and support they need to successfully reenter their community. 2nd Street is committed to treating formerly incarcerated individuals with respect and encouragement; providing them with job readiness skills and access to employment opportunities; preparing them to become productive and contributing citizens; and educating and advocating for communities to embrace them as such. Services and referrals include medical and mental health resources, substance use disorder services, financial resources and literacy, transportation, family reunification, housing, job training and employment, and legal services. Visit 2nd Street at