September 25, 2023 
BTW Berkshires 

I would have kayaks … I may not touch the fish … I will catch it , but I won’t clean it and cook it because … we live in Pittsfield.”

On a spring evening, a woman imagines floating on the Housatonic, watching for brook trout in the sun, otter slides on the bank, great blue heron. And she has lived where she could not come outside or see the sky.

In Release, a cooperative of women creators with the 2nd Street program in Pittsfield share their strength, their pain and their dreams. A new play opens today and tomorrow at Berkshire Community College, a work of devised theater directed and envisioned by Berkshire theater makers Sara Katzoff and Amy Brentano.

‘I want to jump forward. Move forward. Not dwell on my past. Not let it change my entire mind state. I want to feel things. To experience things, to care about things. All the color that left the world. I want to create color. I want to smell and taste, to feel. To see — I want to see shapes, movement …’

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